About Qisda

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Taiwan, Qisda Corporation is an all-round electronic design foundry company spanning multiple fields. Products and technology fields include high-end and professional displays, optical precision electronic related products, industrial/commercial computer machines and peripheral equipment. Qisda is a global leader in the manufacture of LCD monitors and projectors. In recent years, Qisda has actively accelerated the expansion of the medical industry, and developed intelligent solutions, expecting to move towards the blue ocean market with the operation of high value-added products.

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Four Major Objectives

Main Products & Future Development

Qisda provides ODM/OEM services for consumer electronics, business, industrial, medical and life applications and other electronic products. Diversified product lines include 5C fields of computers, communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and medical electronics

Message from the Chairman

On behalf of the Company, I would like to sincerely welcome you to join the great family of Qisda.
“Bringing Enjoyment ’N Quality to Life” is our corporate vision and the ideal we are constantly pursuing. Qisda has a long-standing corporate culture. We are a group of “honest and intelligent people,” embracing the values of integrity and self-discipline, enthusiasm and focusing, pursuit of excellence, caring and contribution, to make our work better step by step, and we are committed to the development of technology in life application to bring a better livelihood to consumers and create a driving force for progress in human society.
We encourage culture of innovation, continue to implement improvement projects of the Continuous Improvement Program (CIP), and pursue the innovation and improvement goal of “no best, only better”! We also encourage colleagues to develop new careers, actively introduce Design Thinking tools, stimulate all kinds of creative sparks, and take the lead in the company’s forward-looking layout! When we pursue corporate development, we also attach great importance to corporate social responsibility. We deeply believe that the value of an enterprise is not only to create profits, but also to bring positive contributions to society.
Qisda has diverse product lines, job functions of different natures, nearly 100 internal lecturers to share rich knowledge and experience, and has an excellent mentoring system, allowing senior managers and colleagues to lead you to grow and work together; at the same time, we have BenQ AUO Group’s abundant resources, here are full of opportunities, you can exert as much as you like and show your skills, to achieve various goals in your career!
You are welcome to join us. We believe that because of your joining, it will bring more energy and vitality to Qisda. We also hope that you can fully integrate into the culture of Qisda and realize the truth, goodness and beauty of scientific and technological life together!