Qisda Growth Academy

BenQ Qisda Group is committed to building a learning organization, and planning all aspects of learning and development structure & resources according to the Company’s core competitiveness. We believe that the growth of the overall partner is the growth of the Company.

Learning@ BenQ Qisda

Q Corp. University

Implement Company Vision/Mission/Strategy, Q Corp. University provides four major academy curriculums (Professional Development Academy, Innovation and Improvement Academy, Learning and Growth Academy, Leadership and Management Academy), and pairs up the training blueprint, job functional gaps and performance feedback suggestions of each department, to provide colleagues with tailor-made flexible learning systems.

Q Talent Program (Elite Talent Program)

Q-Talent, is for every working partner who has passed the strict selection criteria to be flexibly and properly assigned to the suitable position through professional and intensive training in the form of special projects. Aiming at future managers through job-enriched training and growth.